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My mission is to help people ‘Make it Happen’ …
I’d love to help you make your ‘it’ happen!



I am a wife, mother, coach, entrepreneur, 50-something, retired executive, whose mission it is to use my wealth of knowledge and my professional coaching skills to help my clients turn their ambitions and dreams into reality.

I believe that if someone wants something enough and is prepared to work hard, they can have it. 


I qualified in personal development, corporate and executive coaching at The Coaching Academy here in the UK, and I have also been very fortunate to have been coached and mentored throughout my own successful career by several truly inspiring people. Before I became a professional coach, my many and varied international career assignments with a Fortune 100 company have added up to over twenty years of coaching experience, often in challenging cultural and geographically diverse environments. I have worked with individuals and teams alike, and it has been extremely rewarding to watch the individuals I have coached become successful in their own right and to see the teams I have worked with transform into high performing units that bring value and success to their organisations.

My positive outlook on life combined with my “Can do,” “Let’s have a go,” “What’s the worst that can happen?” attitude enabled me to progress quickly through a career in the oil and gas industry (an arena that is extremely competitive), build and operate a successful, inclusive and profitable business, succeed as an executive of a Fortune 100 company and become a successful and fulfilled business and life change coach.


My mission is to take you from good to great by providing you or your business with affordable but high impact coaching services.

I want to inspire people. I want them to say: “It’s because of you that I didn’t give up.” 

“Stay positive, work hard, make it happen.”


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