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“Great things
never came from comfort zones...”




One door closes…

Joanna was made redundant from her job as a senior executive at an insurance company. This forced change came unexpectedly. She had worked for the company for over twenty years and had always been a top performer. Many varied and enjoyable roles over those years had meant that she had given little thought to ever working for anyone else and had expected to continue with this same company until retirement.


Coaching enabled Joanna to take stock and explore the fundamentals of what she enjoyed and wanted from her career in this next chapter. The Vision | Empower | Action approach generated a clear line of sight to what she really wanted to do and generated excitement and enthusiasm to leave the past behind and look to the future. We established a plan of action, which included network building and interview techniques.


The result is that Joanna is back in full-time work, earning more money and working fewer hours in an area that she finds much more fulfilling.

As often happens with coaching, Joanna wanted to continue with her sessions on a regular ‘retainer’ basis to work on other areas of her life as well as to receive on-going support in her new senior executive position.


Overlooked for promotion…

Stuart, an executive at a Fortune 100 company, had stalled in his career progression. While he was an exceptional project manager, always delivering very challenging and complicated projects well within the parameters, he was not recognised as a leader. 


He was extremely intelligent, fast-thinking and able to deal with very complicated issues. Unfortunately, this resulted in him being extremely intolerant of people who worked for him (and in some cases, his peers) whose thought processes were slower than his. 

He also believed that in order to progress in his career, he had to demonstrate his own competence – even if that meant others were trampled on in the process. 


Through coaching, Stuart became aware of his actions and how they were affecting others negatively. He realised that his colleagues and superiors could not see the good points he was so desperate to show because they were overshadowed by the impact of his intolerant behaviour.


We developed techniques for him to use that enabled him to check-in on himself and be more transparent. He acknowledged his challenges and recruited help and support. As a result, he is now less stressed and happier, and his leadership presence and skills have improved significantly … and he received a promotion!


Starting out…

Henry was just coming up to finishing his A-Levels. His parents are both doctors and really wanted him to go to university. While they were not pushing for him to go into medicine, they were keen for him to choose a “reliable” profession.


While he couldn’t pinpoint what he wanted to do, he did know that he didn’t want to sit in a classroom for another 3 or 4 years.


We used my Vision | Empower | Action coaching approach to establish what Henry was passionate about. He was asked the question, ‘If there were no limits, what would you do?’

We discovered that his passion was football and that he really wanted to be a coach. Next, we worked through options that would get him there.


This gave Henry the confidence to approach his parents. Although they were not pleased about him not wanting to go to university, they were willing to listen to his plan and went on to support him in reaching his goal.


Henry is now happily studying to be a football coach, and he volunteers with his local youth football team.


Overloaded and dying inside...

Geoff, a successful self-employed financial advisor, was about to get married for the second time. He had two grown-up children from his first marriage and a 4-year-old with his fiancé. Geoff has always enjoyed mountain biking and going to the gym, but when the children from his first marriage were young, he had given up those things to focus on his family. Later, when he tried to reintroduce these activities, his first wife didn’t like it, and it became a factor in the breakdown of their relationship. His soon-to-be second wife had a completely different perspective, as she liked to play netball. However, with their young child about to start school, struggles at work and the added pressure of arranging a wedding, Geoff found himself back where he started.


Through the coaching process, Geoff was able to step back and gain a fresh perspective on his real priorities, enabling him to see what he could do to make changes and regain control and balance over his life. Geoff had been convinced it was a time management issue, but what he discovered was that looking after himself gave him the extra energy and motivation to do more.


This gave him renewed motivation to get back in shape and carve out some space in his week to do what he loves. The result is a happier, fitter dad and future husband who no longer feels resentful.


Switched-off from feeling unrecognised…

Gill felt lost … as if she was drifting from one day to the next, and she didn’t know why. However, she did know that she wanted to do something about it. 


Coaching enabled Gill to recognise that she was unfulfilled and overloaded at work – and that was at the centre of the way she was feeling. Gill is a pleaser and someone whom everyone goes to get things done. As a result, her peers were being promoted, but Gill was not progressing, which made her feel undervalued. She had allowed herself to be manoeuvred into roles that were far from what she really wanted to do … and they were also mind-numbingly boring.


Using different coaching tools, we were able to discover the different options Gill had open to her. As we explored these, Gill’s confidence grew. She became aware of, and then focused on, what she needed to do to make her life the one she really wanted to live.


Gill decided that she couldn’t continue at her company, as she felt the perception of her ability and value would never change. While changing companies, Gill also decided to address some other work-life balance challenges. She chose to earn a little less, which enabled her to work closer to home, reduce her daily commute and give her the time to join a photography club that meets every week. As a result, she is enjoying her new job and feels valued, happier and more fulfilled.

PLEASE NOTE: Photos are stock images, and all names have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients.

“What’s done is done. What’s gone is gone. One of life’s lessons is always moving on.”


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