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“Always deliver more
than expected.”


Co-founder of GOOGLE


Benefits of a Business Consultant

Employees are a considerable investment: the cost of recruitment, benefits, training, salaries, etc. So if your business is not quite ready for a full-time employee but needs an experienced senior leader to enable the business to continue to grow, hiring a dedicated and experienced consultant can fill that void and provide:

  • the expertise you need, just when you need it, saving time and money.

  • design and deliver organisational changes without boundaries that someone internal to the company would have.

  • provide objectivity, when identifying and solving problems or implementing change. 

  • can teach, mentor and coach, enhancing the team’s abilities and motivation.  

Happy and thriving employees become high performing teams that consistently deliver business value.


  • High Performing Teams   I pride myself on being an authentic, passionate and forward-thinking leader with a unique combination of high IQ and EQ, which enables me to evaluate business and people potential, creating high performing teams that consistently bring value and success.

  • Thriving Employees  -  I love working on opportunities to gain organisational efficiencies in global service delivery models and turning around underperforming teams. I believe in and consistently practice, ‘walking the talk’ and creating a collaborative environment where people thrive.


I have gained a wealth of experience through an extremely varied career in facilities operations, real estate transactions, project management and move management that spans twenty plus years within a very large Fortune 100 company, plus I have run my own businesses. I have a proven track record of leading large geographically and culturally diverse teams to consistently deliver business value. See my career profile for an overview of my experience.

Using my thirty years of business experience and coaching qualifications, I can step in and take the reins when:

  • you need a hand to lead and/or deliver a project

  • key leaders and/or personnel are away for long periods

  • or to hold the fort while you are recruiting a replacement

I am an extremely proactive leader with a reputation for engaging others and driving alignment in every role I take on. With my experience and expertise, I can help your business identify problems, plus design and implement solutions that will enable you to reach your goals.

Executive Leadership  Strategic Planning  Change Management

Transformation  Integrated Outsourcing  |  Organisational Design   

Team Performance  Executive Coaching  |  Leadership Performance

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”


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