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The “7 Saviours” on how to achieve your goals, despite all of life’s distractions…….

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Too many distractions.....

Have you ever had one of those days? As you pack up to go home, your feeling exhausted, but when you reflect on the day you realise you haven’t really achieved anything, let alone what you set out to get done at the beginning of the day?

We are all so “connected” these days, it is hard for any of us to go even 15 mins without some sort of distraction or interruption. Our FOMO tendencies (fear of missing out) means that we want to be notified constantly by our social media accounts. So even when we are trying to concentrate at work, socialise with our friends or just relax, we are constantly being asked to reconnect, comment, post etc. The statistics reported by Kit Smith on Brandwatch recently back this up, He reports that on average, people have 5.5 social media accounts and they spend an average of 116 minutes per day checking them.

So how can you manage your social media distractions and stay focused on achieving your goals?

Here are my “7 Saviours”, give them a try:

  1. Allocate time first thing in the morning to check your social media etc. I do this while I am having my coffee or travelling to work.

  2. Once at work or as you are about to start on your days tasks turn off you phone (or at least put it on silent).

  3. Don’t have your apps on every one of your devices. It is worthwhile deleting the non-essentials like Instagram, Facebook etc. from your phone. At the very least turn off the notifications so that you won’t be continuously visually distracted either.

  4. Allocate 10/15 minutes 2 to 3 times throughout the day to take a break and check-up on your social media. Be disciplined. Move away from your work area and then stick to the time you have allocated.

  5. Emails can sometimes be the biggest distraction. Allocate “email” time, say 45 mins, 3 times per day to read and reply to email. Make sure you “unsubscribe” to junk email as soon as they hit your inbox, so they don’t build up and become a constant distraction.

  6. Make sure you break down your goal into realistic and manageable steps, ensuring you can complete each step in a max of 2/3 hour slots – any longer and you will start to lose interest and motivation.

  7. Sit down and allocate time in your diary to complete each of the steps. Be realistic when you do this, better to under commit and over deliver…! Then hold yourself accountable and follow through.

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