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I came to Tracy because of uncertainty as to where my business was heading.

I found by agreeing to many different opportunities, I was spending less time focused on my business goals. Working with Tracy has been one of the best and most significant decisions for my business. She gave me a safe space to think and explore, the confidence to say “no” and empowered me to make choices that moved me forward towards my goals.  Although our coaching sessions have finished, I will be in contact with Tracy again for business coaching. Thank you, Tracy; it was great working with such a professional, relaxed and friendly coach.

Lynda, Business Owner

Working with Tracy over the last few months has been a huge help in tackling a significant change in my life.

Tracy’s work has helped me re-focus on who I want to be and what I want to do and achieve in my life since getting divorced. She has also given me tools and a framework to prepare for interviews and establish my confidence in progressing in my chosen career.


Tracy - thank you for your positivity and for encouraging me to chase the dreams that scare me, because they are everything I want my life to be.

Michelle, Global Communications

The overall impact of coaching sessions with Tracy has been evident in the progress I have made since we began our sessions.

Tracy has enabled me to plan and take action on the issues that were important and enabled me to move forward into areas I had not experienced before. With her gentle questions, listening and support, I was able to dig deep into what action I needed to take to get the outcome I wanted. Sessions with Tracy have been inspiring, enjoyable and thought-provoking. She has given me the confidence and knowledge within myself to recognise and act on my abilities. I would definitely recommend Tracy to my friends and family.

Dee, Education Consultant

Working with Tracy has helped me gain clarity in life, improve my mindset and organise my goals. 

She’s an inspiring coach, and I’ll be forever grateful that, thanks to her help, I didn’t give up on my dreams. 
I have learned to take care of myself and love myself as a person, and I now feel more in control of my career and opportunities. Tracy helped me through a very difficult time without her knowing. I definitely recommend her
as a coach.

Lemmi, Entrepreneur & Business Owner

I contacted Tracy when I was going through a challenging redundancy process.

Tracy has a lot of empathy, and the very first time we spoke on the phone, I immediately felt that I was in good hands. She really helped me through the phase after redundancy by encouraging me to think positively and leave the negative situation I had just come out of behind. This gave my preparation for interviews a big boost, and it certainly paid off as I now have a new job that I really enjoy. I recommend Tracy as a coach. I was certainly lucky to meet her at a time when I was looking for a positive and pragmatic person with excellent listening skills and the ability to think outside of the box.

Catherine, Corporate Executive

I started working with Tracy earlier this year at a time of immense change in my life.

I had changed jobs, and the new one wasn’t particularly working out very well, so I decided to set up my own consultancy, which for someone who is very security-minded was a very scary thing to do! Tracy has been there every step of the way, listening to me and guiding me through a very hectic schedule, and she has literally helped me to see the wood through the trees. Through regular coaching sessions with Tracy, I was able to focus on the right things at the right time, understanding the impact on myself and others, and in turn, giving me a greater sense of calm and purpose. Tracy has a very easy-going and friendly manner, so our sessions always felt like talking to a good friend, someone who knows how to listen, not to judge, and not bring their own agenda into it. I would not hesitate to work with Tracy again in the future, and I highly recommend her services.

Sabine, Business Owner

I have known Tracy Hart for over 15 years, and it was obvious from the beginning that her leadership, mentoring and coaching skills brought out the best in people...

by showing them what they can achieve if they believe in themselves and are willing to go the extra mile. 


We had the opportunity to revolutionise the way we operated our organisation, but there were many barriers to overcome if we were to make it happen. Her encouragement, drive and belief in the team enabled the success we eventually achieved.


One thing I liked was her unwavering confidence that it was the right thing and that we were the right team to do it. If you need someone to help you find the solution to your biggest challenge and have the tenacity to support you until the job is done, then Tracy is the person for you!

Peter, Project Leader

A big thank you, Tracy. I am so impressed with your coaching services and grateful for your support.

Tracy has been coaching me for a number of weeks to get my fitness back on track. Over recent years, I have had some major operations, and this affected my fitness level as I have had so many months of recovery. Tracy has supported me to establish a manageable fitness regime. This was done in manageable steps, which I am now maintaining daily. She quickly understood my values, challenged me just enough and always remained respectful and empathetic. Tracy has also supported me with healthier eating habits, which I am maintaining and will continue, as it has given me even more energy and the confidence boost I was hoping for. 

If you have a dream or are stuck at a turning point, I would definitely recommend Tracy’s coaching services. 

Alison, Business Owner

Tracy and I worked for the same organisation for more than a decade.

Eventually, she became the leader of our international group of managers, dispersed through many geographies and cultures. As such, she demonstrated the highest emotional intelligence that I’ve ever seen. She is a natural motivator, enjoys the diversity and takes advantage of it for the benefit of the organisation. 

Tracy is always available and proactive to positively coach. If I am a better leader today, then a big part of that is because of her influence and example.

Julio, Africa Region Leader

“Believe in yourself,
and you will be unstoppable.”